Family Lawyers Belleville Ontario

“Family Law” is a catchall phrase that includes assisting people in resolving issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship including issues of custody, access, child support, spousal support, equalization of net family property, divorce, adoption, guardianship, dependant’s relief, domestic contracts…the list is endless. It is an area of law that is very case specific where the solution for one client may be very different than the solution for another client. We can assist you in determining if an application through the courts is the best means to achieve the relief you are seeking or if an alternative method, such as a domestic contract, would be a better route. We understand that when you hire a lawyer to assist in the issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship you are most likely already having a difficult time emotionally and financially. The staff at PDTB are compassionate and strive to find the solution that is best for you, your children and your family.