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The Pretsell Daview Thompson TeamPersonal Injury Litigation

If you have suffered a serious injury, the respected injury lawyers at our firm can help. Our lawyers will take the time to learn how the accident happened, what injuries you have suffered and importantly, how those injuries have impacted your life and those who you love. We have extensive experience with all sorts of injury matters, including motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls, and dog bites. We accept serious personal injury cases on a contingent basis, that is, you only pay us when you recover from the insurer.
We will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

Car Accidents

When you are seriously injured in a car accident, we can help. After a serious injury, you may need rehabilitation, nursing care or surgery. You may not be able to work while you recover or ever again. Our office has extensive experience with claims against at fault drivers, as well as, Accident Benefits claims with respect to your own insurer. We accept serious motor vehicle injury cases on a contingent basis, that is, you only pay us when you recover from the insurer.
Disability Law
Have you been denied Long Term Disability payments from your insurer or an insurance policy you have through your employer’s benefits package? Our lawyers have extensive experience in suing insurers who have wrongfully denied benefits to their disabled clients. If you have been denied disability insurance, we can help. Disability matters are accepted on a contingent basis, that is, you only pay when you recover from the insurer.
Civil Litigation
Civil litigation includes all disputes between individuals to be resolved by the Court. The best strategy for most litigation is to avoid it altogether. Disputes which end up in Court can be time consuming and costly to all parties. We are specialists in dispute resolution and will do everything we can first to keep you out of litigation and, if that is not possible, to represent you through to verdict. We are proud of our record in Court and we will ensure that you are always aware of the potential risks and rewards as the matter progresses.
Estate Litigation
A loved one has died and you know something is not right. Perhaps there has been undue influence in creating the will, perhaps there are claims against the Estate, perhaps the deceased has not provided for someone they should have. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with these disputes, as we are in assisting you to make your own estate plan.  
Real Estate
Buying or selling a home is the largest monetary transaction most people will engage in in a lifetime. An experienced lawyer is more important now that it has ever been before in protecting your interests whether you are buying or selling a home. Our Real Estate team is experienced at getting your deal closed on time and on budget. When issues do arise on closing, our firm’s strong dispute resolution background helps us to resolve those disputes in a timely and cost effect manner.

Criminal Law

Mike Pretsell is experienced in providing representation to persons charged with criminal offences. He also attends before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Appeal on appeals of lower Court decisions in criminal matters.

Family Law

“Family Law” is a catchall phrase that includes assisting people in resolving issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship including issues of custody, access, child support, spousal support, equalization of net family property, divorce, adoption, guardianship, dependant’s relief, domestic contracts…the list is endless. It is an area of law that is very case specific where the solution for one client may be very different than the solution for another client. We can assist you in determining if an application through the courts is the best means to achieve the relief you are seeking or if an alternative method, such as a domestic contract, would be a better route. We understand that when you hire a lawyer to assist in the issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship you are most likely already having a difficult time emotionally and financially. The staff at PDT are compassionate and strive to find the solution that is best for you, your children and your family.