Real Estate Law 

Purchasing a home is the single biggest investment in an individual’s life. Whether that be a simple purchase, sale, refinance or more complex real estate transaction, Pretsell Davies Thomas Benton LLP Lawyers in Belleville and Picton, Ontario are capable and qualified to ensure that you are well informed and prepared throughout the entire process. 

Our team of real estate lawyers understands the huge impact that home buying and selling can have - both personally and financially. In fact, purchasing a home may be the only event in your life in which you will require a lawyer. 

We also understand that the completion of the deal is the ultimate goal of both the real estate seller and buyer. With this in mind, our real estate lawyers at Pretsell Davies Thomas Benton LLP, in both Belleville and Picton, make it their mission to ensure that our real estate clients are well informed, prepared and represented throughout the entire real estate transaction. 


What Is Real Estate Law 

What is real estate law and why do you need a lawyer to help you navigate a real estate transaction?

In Canada, real estate law is the legal procurement, operation (use/management) and disposition of “real property”. The conveyance of real estate is done under both the provincial and municipal levels of government. 


Provincial Real Estate Law Acts

Under law, there are a variety of statutes that protect the legalities of owning property within each provincial region.

  • Conveyancing and Law of Property Act
  • Land Titles Act 
  • Registry Act
  • Public Lands Act 
  • And More!

There are also a number of property restrictions that need to be assessed prior to a real estate purchase to ensure that the buyer is able to use and manage the property in the way they originally intended. 

In many cases, especially those within a suburban area, there are property restrictions to be taken into consideration. These property restrictions prohibit certain actions to be taken on or within the land in question. 

Examples would include the inability to build fences, own a pet, perform business, remove trees etc. This means that the property owner will not have complete control and freedom to build, manage and use their land at their own free will. 

Our real estate lawyers at Pretsell Davies Thomas Benton LLP will walk you through the entire real estate transactional process - from start to finish! We know what to expect and when to expect it, as well the right questions to ask along the way to ensure that the deal is made in your best interest.  


What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do 

Our Belleville and Picton real estate lawyers prepare you with the knowledge you need to make an informed real estate investment. 

Whether you are in the housing market to purchase and/or sell property, in the commercial real estate business trying to expand your office, or even beginning the process of leasing, our lawyers are here to guide you throughout the process. 

Our Real Estate Lawyers will:

  • Prepare and review real estate documentation (ie. mortgage paperwork, purchase agreement, transfer documents etc.).
  • Conduct title searches and inform clients with regard to easements, rights of ways, and restrictions relating to the property.
  • Provide knowledge and expertise that will allow clients to make an informed real estate transaction. 
  • Handle the real estate transaction alongside the client (ie. attending signings, being present during the closing process etc.).

Legalities of purchasing, managing, leasing and selling real estate property is a confusing process, but our team of qualified real estate professionals can help get you on the right path. 

With the education and experience our law firm has in handling the tedious understanding of binding contracts, lease agreements, appraisal appointments, insurance inspections and more, you will have the expert guidance needed to walk through the transaction quickly and confidently. 


What Areas Our Real Estate Lawyers Handle

Our qualified and experienced real estate lawyers at Pretsell Davies Thomas Benton LLP handle a variety of real estate transactions - ensuring that we meet with our clients at every signing in order to prepare them in advance with the knowledge needed to make an informed investment. 

We are driven to finding solutions, rather than letting the deal fall through. 

Below is a list of real estate transactions that our lawyers work with regularly: 

  • Real Estate Purchase 
  • Real Estate Sale 
  • Real Estate Refinancing 
  • Real Estate Mortgage
  • Real Estate Severance 
  • Real Estate Business Property
  • Real Estate Commercial Leasing 
  • And More!


Let Our Real Estate Lawyers Fight For You

Are you in need of a professional real estate lawyer in Eastern Ontario? At Pretsell Davies Thomas Benton LLP, with office locations in both Belleville and Picton, our real estate lawyers have the necessary expertise to work alongside you throughout the entire real estate transaction. 

As a full service law firm, providing legal expertise and representation in Eastern Ontario, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of each of our clients. Give us a call at 613.967.9930 in Belleville and 613.476.9127 in Picton.



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